Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Spencer & Kaston!!

My babies turned 6 today. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by- with twins it feels like it went by twice as fast. My mom came into town yesterday- I didn't tell the kids that she was coming so we surprised them when they got off the bus- they were very excited to see her. It was nice having her here to help me today, we went and had lunch with the twins (and Ireland), we took cupcakes for them to hand out to their class- the cupcakes were half chocolate and half vanilla with Bratz and Speed Racer rings on them. After school they opened their presents and then we went to a place called the Studio Movie Grill (it is a restaurant and movie theater in one, you sit in big comfy office chairs and the server brings you anything you need throughout the movie- so fun) We saw "High School Musical 3" the kids loved it!
All in all, it was a great day, I had a much better day today than I did 6 years ago at this time. Having pre-mature twins was one of the, if not the, hardest things I have ever done in my life. To not know if your baby (or babies in my case) are going to survive is the worst thing for any parent to have to deal with. We were very blessed that Spencer, all 4 lbs. of her, was as healthy as any full term baby, but our sweet Kaston was not as fortunate. His lungs were not developed and he ended up having to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks. The doctors told us that if he was born a decade earlier, he would not have lived- scary!!
But, here we are 6 years later, and the two of them are doing very well. They are doing great in school, they have super cute personalities and we absolutely adore each of them very much.
We just love our little Penkie and Kas, even if they are Double Trouble! =o)

Monday, October 20, 2008

The first page is just some fall pictures we decided to Sams Club. hehe. The kids loved these pumpkins so much but at $7 each I said "NO WAY!" so a picture was a compromise-that way they could remember these pumpkins forever, because you know they may never see another pumpkin that they love so much for the rest of their entire lives...whaaaaaa can you just feel their pain?!?!

About the 2nd page-So at the end of every month the kids school, Minshew Elementary, has Colt Round Up. It is basically a pep-rally of sorts. Kids get awards, sometimes they have special people show up, they have a scream off to see which grade gets the spirit stick, you get the idea. Well at the September 26th Colt Round Up, all 3 of my kids were involved. Ireland is in the Music Makers and they performed, both Spencer and Kaston received the Blue Colt Award ( I have no idea what this award is for) and then Kaston very proudly got the Musician of the month award. He was so happy and he milked the attention for as long as he could. For the whole next week at least a few times a day he would say " Mom, are you so proud of me for being the Musician of the month?" It was cute at first, but it started to get old after awhile, especially when I was about to get upset with him and then he would hurry and ask me it. He is so cute, but he can be a real stinker at times =)

The last page is of the school Walk-a-thon, which was a fun fundraiser for the PTA. It was on the same day as the Colt Round Up- My friend Kristi was in charge of putting it together and she did an awesome job!! Every single kid in the school got a t-shirt, for free I tell ya, and they all looked so cute marching around the field. I was able to help out, it was funny to watch the kindergartners walk in a straight line for the first couple of laps, until they figured out they didn't have to, then they took off like wild fire. The kids had a lot of fun and it was for a good cause- a win,win situation. (the center picture is of Mrs. Paine, she is Spencer and Kaston's teacher.)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Okay, Okay I know that I have been a total slacker when it comes to my blog- but let me explain myself. Besides being a mom to 3 kids, the room mom for 2 classes, a volunteer in many other areas at the school, a soccer coach for 6 little boys, and also trying to keep my house in order.....The main reason I have slacked is because for my birthday (Sept. 18th) I received the Twilight Saga books, and I was addicted- I read any chance I could find, at the school, during soccer practice (Ireland's, not Kaston's- I have to coach his) while making dinner and then staying up way too late because I just couldn't put them down. I know Rich must have thought I was cheating on him with a book. I'm serious, I didn't shave my legs for weeks, because that would take 5 minutes away from my reading- I cooked the simplest and fastest meals possible. My life was completely wrapped up in these books. But I am happy to say that last week I finished them and, oh are they goooood!!! I read 4 good sized books in less than 3 weeks- that has never been done by me before. I can't wait for the movie to come out next month!!!
So after I finished the books I thought that would be a good time to start blogging again- wrong!
We went out of town last weekend (I will blog and post pictures about that trip later) and it was a blast, but when we got home I started to feel a little yucky-
and what do you know-I got Strep Throat!!!
I have felt horrible the past few days- I can barely get out of bed- today is the first time this whole week I have been able to get upstairs to the computer. So this will be the first of many blogs to come- I hope you're ready because I have a lot to blog about.
Stay tuned...........