Saturday, April 18, 2009

** Easter Fun 2009 **

Easter this year was a little bit different from how it usually is for us. All day Saturday we did some major spring cleaning around the house. When we were finished, I was going to go get eggs and set up everything so the kids could decorate them, but.....our wonderful neighbors, the Fansler's invited us over for dinner so we decided to postpone eggs for a little bit. Francesca cooked an awesome southern meal- Ham, greens, beans and cornbread with a super yummy homemade banana pudding dessert. We ended up staying longer than we intended too- by the time I got back from the store, it was late and we still had to boil the eggs, which would make it so coloring eggs would be way too late and the kids were afraid the Easter bunny might not stop at our house if they weren't in bed....
So we talked them into decorating the eggs on Easter day- they were not very thrilled with this idea but in the end it worked out really well. Most egg hunts involve some bickering because one of the kids would find another one's egg and that apparently is not okay- but this year they were all white- a free for all. No fighting is a great thing. After the kids found all of the eggs, they then found their baskets hidden in the dryer...silly bunny =o)
I fixed a nice breakfast while Rich set up the table for egg decorating, the 5 of us had a good time creating some beautiful and interesting eggs. We then got ready to go my Aunt Toni and Uncle Craig's house for dinner. My cousin Braydee, Nate and sweet baby Kenyan were there (cuz they live there) so it was a nice family get together. All in all, it was a very nice Easter- not quite as much fun as it was last year in Utah- no eggs hunts with the extended family or the Evans- but we made the best of it.
Spencer and Kaston with their baskets

Ireland with her "tween" inspired basket-
(she is growing up soooo much!!)
Kenyan with his Easter stuff- in his mouth of course
Kenyan with his Gramma Toni on Easter day-
don't ya just want to squeeze him??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2009 Kindergarten Zoo Field Trip!!

2 weeks ago we went to the Dallas Zoo for the Kindergarten field trip. Spencer and Kaston rode the bus and I drove down along with 3 other moms (Teraya, Francesca, and Kim) and Hazel and Easton rode with me too. I was assigned a little boy named Shelvy and the twins- we were free to explore the zoo however we wanted. We hung with the Fanslers all day- which was a great idea because Francesca and I helped each other keep track of all the kids- We ate lunch when we first got there and then met up with the kids teacher, Mrs. Paine, to ride the zoo monorail-
we would occasionally run into other groups and hang with them for a bit so the kids could be with their friends. By the end of the day there was a lot of sore feet and some very tired kiddos, Spencer told me that she slept the whole way home on the bus. It was a lot of fun and the twins were very excited to go on their first real field trip.

Mrs. Paine, Kaston & Spencer waiting to get on
the bus at the end of the day

The kids thought that this Giraffe looked so funny trying to
eat the grass off of the ground......I have to agree

Spencer, Keely & Kyra lookin' all cute

Kaston with the Giraffes standing the normal way =o)

Kaysee(me), Francesca and my little man, Easton