Monday, July 27, 2009

WOW!! 12 years....Really???

Well we've made it a dozen years!!
July 25th was our 12th anniversary- and let me tell you
how romantic it was.......NOT!!
The kids and I are in Utah and
Rich is unfortunately still in Texas.
So, our day consisted of me doing laundry and
organizing our destroyed suitcases-
while Rich hung out at home, alone! (so sad)
The only good thing about that day was that Meagan & Jon
had a get together at their house.
So, it was nice to hang out with my wonderful friends, but
I did miss my Boo- (yes, that is what I call him).

I can't believe that it has already been 12 years-
it's funny how it seems
like it flew by so fast and yet I feel like
I have been married to Rich forever-
In a good way, of course ;o)

It would have been super great to have been
together on our anniversary-
but I know that there will be plenty more to celebrate.

And, on a side note- thanks to my lil' sis, Jensen,
for watching the kids for us on the weekend
before we came to Utah- Rich and I were able
to have a much needed date night in honor of our 12 years.

Happy Anniversary Boo-
I Love You More Than the Mostestest!!!