Monday, February 22, 2010

SNOW??? IN TEXAS??? You betcha!!!

A week ago we had a record breaking snow storm
and the kids loved every second of it! On Thursday
morning we woke up to a beautiful, white
neighborhood. It continued to snow all day but
the kids went to school anyways-which, to me,
seemed like a totally normal thing to do,
but some of the native Texans were
a little freaked out about sending their
kids to school with this scary
white stuff taking over the city.
Just before it was time for the kids to come home
from school, the principal announced that
school was cancelled on Friday...
SNOW DAY!!! WOO HOO!! the kids were stoked!!
We ended up getting 10 to 12 inches through out the metroplex.
It was a fantastic snow storm, I would be happy if that
happened at least a couple of times each winter.
Kaston was having some fun making a snow angel

When it was time to come in, Ireland's clothes
were as wet as if she jumped in a pool-
She was so happy about being able to play in the snow
that she didn't even care about how cold she was.

Most of the neighbor kids came to our house to play
in the snow- they had snow ball fights, built snow men,
and made snow angels.
When it was time to come in, I was a little sad
that the picture perfect blanket of snow that was
once in our yard had been turned
into what looked like a war zone,
but the kids had a blast so it was worth it.