Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A couple of weeks ago we went to the Ranger game and had a great time. We always buy the nosebleed seats for super cheap and take snacks and drinks- so for about $30 total we can have an awesome family night. This night there was a free Jack Ingram concert after the game- the weather was perfect, the game was fun and we actually (When I say "we" I really mean Kaston & Ireland, because they are the ones who like to argue with each other until you feel like taking a pan and hitting yourself over the head just so you don't have to hear it anymore) got along without any major issues =o)
Going to a Ranger game has become one of our favorite things to do here in Texas- Last weekend Rich and I had our first double date since moving to Texas. Our friends, the Amaya's, had Ranger tickets that they weren't going to use so they gave them to the Fortenberry's who then invited us to go- So, Kristi and Neil picked us up-- and we went to the game- With the exception of scrambling last minute for a babysitter and Neil losing his wallet (it was at home right where he always puts it- good one Neil ;o) it was fantastic to get to hang out with other adults and have no children to worry about, we just might have to do it again someday- and this time we won't wait 3 years.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HaPpY mOtHeRs DaY 2009!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all of the wonderful women in my life- My mama Lori, My grams, Mom-in-law Linda, Aunts, sister-in-laws, cousins, friends and all of the other amazing mothers that are not only surviving but making the best of living in the hood........the motherhood that is.
It is truly the toughest ,yet most rewarding job ever- I love all of you and I hope y'all had a fantastic day!

My day started out with Rich making pancakes and bacon- he of course made mine special by spelling out MOM with the pancakes.....very cute!! We then went to see "Monsters vs. Aliens" (super cute show) and then we ate @ Dickeys BBQ.
This was a fun day with the family- and even though there are days that I want to pull my hair out or hide in my closet in the fetal position repeating "take me to my happy place" over and over--I still feel that no matter how hard or stressful it gets, I am so blessed to have been chosen to be the mother of the three most amazing people on earth. My kids are the best- they have allowed me to experience a love that before kids I never thought possible. I love my babies and I thank God every day for allowing Rich and myself to be their parents.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where did my little girl go???

Does this child look only 10 years old....I don't think so!
Ireland went to Sydney's (her friend & soccer team mate) Birthday party last weekend and she was told to dress up how Hannah Montana would. Now, she is not one for dressing up- she is a self professed tom-boy, so her getting all dolled up doesn't happen all that often. But on this day they were taking a limo to see the Hannah Montana movie and to get ice cream- she said that she felt like someone famous for a day, and that it was "kind of" fun to dress a little different than how she normally would.
So back to the picture- on the way to the party, I snapped this real quick- when I looked at it later that day, I couldn't believe how grown up she looked in it. Time is going by so quickly and it seems like she gets more and more mature every day. This year Rich and I will celebrate our 12th anniversary and those 12 years have flown by and it scares me to think that in another 12 years Ireland will be in her twenties....holy cow!! I guess I just have to do my best and try to cherish everyday and treasure the moments when she acts like my sweet, little girl. I try my best to not treat her like she is older than she is, but with her being the oldest and the fact that she is wise beyond her years, sometimes it is easy to forget that she is only 10- my sweet, little Peanut, I wish she would stop growing up so fast =o)