Wednesday, August 27, 2008

***My Baby Sister, JENSEN, is 16! ***

Happy Birthday Jensee!!
We all love and miss you and wish that we could be
there with you!
I can remeber the day that mom told me that you were
going to be born....Christmas day, 1991.
I was so excited, all I wanted my whole life was a little
brother or sister. Fortunately, I was blessed with a little sister-
God knew that you would be the best for me-
you have been such an amazing sister and have become
a best friend to me. I love you so much and I can't believe that
you are 16, what does that make me, at least 25 =o)
I hope that this day is one of the best days of your life!!
& now that you have your license-
Drive fast & take risks- hehe
(I'll let mom be the one to tell you to drive slow & be safe)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

**Happy 30th Birthday Meag-E-Poo**

Today is my best friend's Birthday- She is turning a whopping 30 years old! Now she's an old fart like me. I so wish that I could be in Utah to help celebrate such a big birthday. If I was there I would go and pick out the ugliest, most random balloons- it's tradition- and then I would get a good cake with whipped cream frosting- none of that lard crap- and then give her a big ol' birthday hug. But.... since I'm not there I will just have to send her all my love and wish her the best birthday ever- well at least a really great birthday, it can't be the best if I'm not there =)

I love ya Meag! I hope that your 30's will be your best years ever!! You are an amazing friend, I would not have made it through many tough times without you. You are an awesome mom, daughter, sister, wife and the most wonderful friend that I could ever ask for. You deserve the very best that life has to offer, so... on this, your 30th birthday, that is exactly what I wish for you.

(how do you like the picture- it's the only one I have of you on my computer- I have a huge
box of actual pictures, but that would require me to scan one in, and as you know- I'm just not that skilled with the computer yet.)

Welcome Baby Kenyan!!!

He's finally here!
Kenyan Tyeler has arrived-
on August 22, 2008
7 lbs. 6.9 oz.
8:09 am

Up until now Kaston has been the baby on my side
of the family-- not any more. My cousin Braydee had this
sweet little boy, she and Nate are now very proud parents.
She had a scheduled C-section and all went very well.

Yesterday we went to see the new happy family for a little bit, the twins still aren't feeling to well so they just looked at him from a distance, but Ireland got to hold Kenyan for a few minutes- which made her very happy. He is very sweet, and I have to say that seeing him really took me back to my memories of when my babies were born- and now in two days they start kindergarten--time goes by way to quick!!

Congrats Braydee & Nate!!

We love you and are very happy for you and your new Bundle of Joy-

Kenyan- Your Sweet Baby Boy!!!

Also......Congrats to- Toni and Craig -the happy Grandparents =o)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Rich!! (last week)

Last Wednesday was Rich's Birthday- I have been meaning to blog about it, but I didn't have any pictures to post with it, until now- So..... Happy Birthday Babe! I hope you know how much we love and appreciate you!! (for those of you reading this, you should hear Rich say appreciate, he sounds very country, I think the Texas drawl is creepin' up on him)

Anyways- He had a decent birthday involving a home cooked meal- which he doesn't get that often since he is on the road so much- the kids gave him all of his presents, and then we had chocolate cake- it was from Sams club, only to find out that night that he prefers Costco cake- 11 years and I still learn new things about him. All in all, a good day for someone who is almost 40
hehe!! :o)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rich Put What In The Pool!?

This is such a funny sweet little boy, Kaston, is so smart and is usually saying such big words for a little kid and he actually uses them correctly, with the exception to the other day.
I am going to take the long way around to tell what happened.
At the beginning of the summer I really wanted to get one of those little, cheapy, blow up pools so the kids could stay cool during the hot Texas summer. So we decided to go to Toys-R-Us to see if they had any. To our surprise they had a 12 ft x 3ft frame pool with a pump on clearance, it was originally $170 but it was marked down to $49.99, plus we had a ten dollar gift card. What an awesome purchase, it has been so much fun for the kids (and for me). The only thing is that it requires maintenance, chlorine, algae killer, etc. It does take some work for it to remain clean, so every weekend Rich takes care of the pool, he adds the chemicals to the water and then the kids have to wait a half hour until they can swim.
Well, on this particular day, Rich did the usual cleaning of the pool, the kids waited, and then.....time to swim YAY!! I got the kids all sunscreened up, made sure everyone had their goggles, towels, and swim toys. They finally got in the pool, which is 5 feet from our back door, I went inside and was only in for a few minutes before Kaston was knocking at the door frantically. I hurried to get to it, thinking "oops, I forgot to make them go potty before swimming, he probably has to pee." When I opened the door, Kaston had such a stressed look on his face, so I asked him what was wrong?? he answered.........
"Mom! Dad put the testicles in the pool and it is still dirty!!"
I tried to keep as straight a face as I could, and told him to wait a little bit for the "chemicals" to work. He now says it correctly, but I have to admit, I am so happy he didn't get it right the first time, I will always remember this and I will laugh everytime I think about it. Kids really do say the darndest things. :o)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go Rangers!!

So we went to a Texas Rangers game, I totally love going to these games even though they don't always play the greatest. The atmosphere at a major league game is the best- we just buy the cheap seats: $6 for adults and $3 for the kids. You can take in your own food, so we usually pack a picnic, but we always have to buy a bag of peanuts- it wouldn't be a game without them.

They played the Toronto Blue Jay's this game, the Rangers lost-shocker! The only good thing that the Ranger's did--they scored a run in the 6th which won everyone a free taco from Taco Bueno- good stuff! Oh, and they have a player that went to Taylorsville High School (the high school in Utah that I went to) I can't remember his name, it wasn't anybody I had ever heard of.

We all had a fun summer night at the game- Ireland's friend, Delaney, went with us. The kids had fun running around and acting like crazy little monsters, nothing new there. =)

I just love this picture of Spencer, she looks like such a cool, hip, little chick