Wednesday, June 24, 2009

*** Our Soccer Nut ***

Ireland #27 Blue Lightening Spring Season 2009

Ireland started playing soccer about a year and a half ago,
and it seems that she has found her thang....
For two seasons she played on the Blue Dolphins but
her coach didn't continue so the team kind of fell apart until
the coach of the Blue Lightening called and asked
if we wanted
to combine teams-
It turned out to be a great thing- the girls all learned
to play
very well with each other.

During the very first practice Ireland raised her hand when
Coach Jason
asked who wanted to try to be goalie....
crazy girl.

I was freaking out because I thought she would be under a
ton of pressure
being the goalie but, it turned out
that she rocked at it!!!

She would usually play as a forward or on
defense during the first half

and then she would be goalie for the second half-
and let me just tell you, she was AWESOME!!!!

She was actually scouted by a select team coach after
one of the games.
He came up to Rich and I and told us that
he was very impressed by her
he would love for her to come to a practice and see if she
would like to play for his team-
It was a very proud moment for Rich and myself! =o)

At the end of the season the team had a swim party at
Beth's, the team manager,
We had a BBQ, the coaches handed out awards

and then all of the kids had a blast swimming.

In the end the team took 3rd place in there division-
they missed taking
2nd by one goal- they all did very well-
it was a great soccer season and
we're looking forward to the fall season.

Accepting her awards from the coaches

Ireland as a kick butt goalie!!

All the girlies being silly- it's fun to watch how
they all interact on the field and off- they are growing into to such awesome young ladies.

Way to go Ireland!!! We are way proud of you
and all of your hard work!!!

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Mark Fansler said...

I just thought I'd leave you a comment. I'm proud of Ireland. Maybe one day we can all go to a soccer field and kick the ball around and see if we can kick some goals while Ireland defends.